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Wooden Garden Furniture

11 Oct 2022   author: Boruya

The best time to relax on the terrace or in the garden is, of course, summer! It is better to have garden furniture for such pleasant activities. Often such furniture is made of plastic, for fear that it can be spoiled by moisture.

Restoring a Garden Chair
Restoring a Garden Chair

No need to deprive yourself of the pleasure of using wooden garden furniture. It is beautiful, comfortable, eco-friendly. Wooden furniture, however, that is used in the aggressive outdoor environment needs special protection and care.

In the manufacture of wooden garden furniture, wood species such as acacia, oak, spruce, pine are used. As a rule, a good manufacturer take care about the durability of the products, but if you decide to buy inexpensive garden furniture or to make it yourself, then be sure to use a special impregnation for wooden products. How does it work?

Impregnation penetrates deep into the fibers of the wood. It protects the wood from exposure to air, insects, and various fungi.

After applying the impregnation and complete drying, the furniture should be coated with a special varnish. In any hardware store you can ask for wood varnish, but you should buy a modern kind of varnish that can give a durable effect and do not harm nature. The varnish will also protect the surface against ultraviolet radiation. Lacquer is applied twice.

Avoid applying too much varnish on the brush, as it will drain and form unnecessary and ugly streams. Excess varnish is removed with a cotton cloth.

Impregnation and varnish should be applied outdoors, where they can dry faster and you will be less harmed by inhaling paint products. Wear gloves and, if possible, a special mask.

Garden furniture can be made from exotic wood species too.

The advantage of such furniture is resistance to atmospheric and biological factors.

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