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Protective Accessories For Your SmartPhone

12 Oct 2022   author: Boruya

Protective case. The cover protects the device not only from scratches, cracks and dents on the case. If the smartphone is dropped, internal damage may occur to its components, such as the system board or cameras.

Protective glass or film
Protective glass or film

Android smartphone manufacturers often include a thin silicone case in the kit. It will not protect against serious damage, but at least the body and cameras will not be scratched by small things and dust in your pockets, on tables and in bags.

Hard case with plastic base - clip case.

To get started, examine the original cases offered by the manufacturer of your smartphone. As a rule, they are of the highest quality and take into account all the features of the model.

It is more money-saving to buy such accessories on one of those Internet-based stores such as Aliexpress: for an item costing $3 with free delivery, retail stores may ask $15 or more. That is, for the price of one cover, you can order five and not worry if something does not fit or you do not like it.

But when buying a shockproof protective case, you should not be greedy. Expensive branded accessories are highly likely to save the phone if dropped, but cheap analogues can only do harm. Prefabricated metal bumpers often have to be tightened with screws for maximum reliability. If the parts do not fit snugly or the manufacturer saves on rubber gaskets and substrates, the quality of protection will be significantly reduced.

Glass or film on the screen. The screens of even inexpensive smartphones are covered with durable tempered glass. But no matter what the advertisement claims, any glass can be scratched or broken.

At authorized service centers, it is almost impossible to replace just the glass: most manufacturers require the installation of a modular spare part, which also includes a screen, a touch layer and biometric sensors. As a result, replacing a broken screen can cost up to half the price of a new smartphone.

Android phones often come with a protective film attached right away. Usually it is of high enough quality, has its own oleophobic coating and is suitable for the first time. But I do not recommend buying a plastic film separately: it quickly becomes scuffed and scratched, does not protect against drops, and your finger slides worse on it.

Protective glass with a black frame is less noticeable on the screen.

In most cases, glass is much preferable. If you accidentally drop your smartphone, it will consume some of the impact, and not the screen itself. The protective glass in this case may break, but it will give some kind of safety net.

When choosing glass, pay attention to the level of hardness. The classic version is 9H. The optimal thickness is 0.33 mm. The glass must have an oleophobic coating. It is better to take glossy glass with a self-adhesive backing, it is as transparent as possible and is fairly easy to attach.

When gluing glass, the most important thing is that dust and dirt do not get under it. To do this, do not touch the "inner" surface of the glass, do not turn it over and try to work in a clean room after ventilation. If you have never installed additional protective glass before, a specialist in the service center will help you do this. The procedure takes only a couple of minutes and can cost from $1.5 to $15.

When buying a protective glass, take not just one, but at least three. Ideally sticking it for the first time is beyond the powers of almost any person. In addition, spare glass may be needed at any time.

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