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Liquids Versus Your Smartphone

12 Oct 2022   author: Boruya

Any phone should be protected from contact with water, juice, soda, beer and any other liquids. Even if the manufacturer claims protection against moisture and dust.

Putting Your Smartphone into Coke
Putting Your Smartphone into Coke

The IP67 standard allows the device to be at a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, and IP68 - up to 1.5 meters. Tests are carried out in laboratory conditions with clean fresh water, which is much less dangerous than salty sea water or sugary drinks. In addition, over time, the water-repellent coating and seals inside the smartphone may become worn out, so it's better not to risk it.

Even if you are confident in the level of protection of your phone, do not wash it under the tap, as pressurized water can penetrate where it is not needed. Also, never use soap, shampoos, cleaning products and any solutions to clean your phone: they can dissolve not only dirt, but also the moisture-proof coating at the joints of the device parts.

If the device is dropped into water, do not dry it with a hair dryer. The air will force the fluid deeper into the case. Do not put your smartphone on the battery or in the microwave - this will completely disable it. A jar of rice or salt is also unlikely to help: rather, small particles will clog into the speaker and connectors, causing even more damage. Contact the service center as soon as possible: they usually have a professional ultrasonic bath-dryer for electronic devices.

Apple and other manufacturers claim their devices are waterproof, but the warranty does not cover water damage if it does get inside.

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