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How to Save Battery of Your Phone

12 Oct 2022   author: Boruya

Optimal charge level. Experts from Battery University believe that it is best to keep the battery charged at 65-75% at all times. That is, disconnect the phone from the outlet at about 80%, and connect the wire when half the capacity remains, without waiting for the "red" zone.

A charger for smartphone
A charger for smartphone

This is due to the peculiarities of the electrochemical reactions inside the lithium-ion battery: at maximum and minimum charge, it wears out faster.

For the same reason, it is better not to empty the phone battery completely. However, nobody will tell you exactly how many days, months or years this will add to the life of the battery.

Constantly monitoring the charge is inconvenient, so many smartphones have an optimized charging mode. In iPhones, it works as follows: the system remembers when you most often unplug the device from the outlet, and does not charge the phone above 80% until it is needed. For example, if you leave your smartphone to charge overnight, the remaining 20% ​​will be charged only closer to the morning.

You can enable this option like this: "Settings" → "Battery" → "Battery status". The graph shows that closer to 80%, the charging rate slows down.

At the same time, experts from Samsung claim that there is nothing dangerous in using a smartphone while charging and leaving it connected to a power outlet all night. Experts agree that modern devices are smart enough to prevent overcharging and full discharge.

For this, manufacturers offer special protective measures. When the phone is connected to the charger, the current does not enter the battery directly, but through the chip controller. As soon as the lithium-ion battery reaches 100% of its capacity, the power supply is cut off.

Charging device. Some protective measures are not provided in the smartphone itself, but rather the charging adapter. It is not needed to use exclusively "native" chargers, but it is important to avoid low-quality and potentially faulty devices.

Power adapters have various safety controls to limit the current and stop charging after reaching 100% charge. That is, you can charge your iPhone with a branded unit from Samsung or Huawei. But connecting any phone to a cheap no-name adapter with a worn, peeling cable can be dangerous.

Wireless charging fills the battery more slowly than usual, but the case gets hotter.

Battery replacement. The lithium-ion battery has a limited lifespan, so sooner or later it will have to be replaced. Experienced users can do it themselves, but we recommend contacting service centers: modern devices are almost impossible to disassemble without special tools and without breaking or scratching anything.

Small private workshops in basements and markets charge less for work than proven services, but it is better to avoid them. At best, they can supply a low-quality battery instead of the original one. At worst, you can also scratch, bend or otherwise damage the phone during disassembly. Therefore, you should contact only certified large services - look for addresses and names on the website of the manufacturer of your device.

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