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How to Remove Bad Smell From The Refrigerator

12 Oct 2022   author: Boruya

After finding an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator, you need to take action immediately, because our health depends on the cleanliness and freshness inside the chamber. It is vital not only to remove the unwanted smell istelf, but, even more importantly, to eliminate its cause. Expert advice below will help you use the right solution.

Cleaning the Fridge
Cleaning the Fridge

Why does the refrigerator smell badly?

The main reasons for the unpleasant odor include:

  • * Purchase of new equipment. Even in premium refrigerators, the chemical smell of factory plastics, lubricants, etc. is initially felt.
  • * Faults. For example, the seals on the doors became unusable, the function of self-defrosting in the no frost technique is broken, or the ventilation system broke down.
  • * Damaged products. Fermented soup, moldy fruits and vegetables, rotten meats and fish can all cause a stinky smell. Often the problem arises if we forget to take food out of sealed plastic bags.
  • * Improper storage of food. A seasoned vegetable salad in an open plate or boiled pork that is not wrapped in cling film will certainly spread an unpleasant odor throughout the chamber.

The reason for an undesirable aroma can be stains from spilled sauces and first courses that have not been wiped off, scattered crumbs, a clogged drain hole, or setting an inappropriate temperature regime. It is advisable to use folk and industrial odor control products only when you are sure that the equipment is working.

How to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator using folk remedies

To remove an unpleasant odor, you can use natural remedies from simple ingredients:

  • - Vinegar. One tablespoon of vinegar is combined with a glass of water. With a cloth dipped in the resulting solution, wipe all the internal surfaces of the chamber, including seals and the pan. After the procedure, the refrigerator door must be left open, so that the vinegar smell disappears.
  • - Soda. Take 1 liter of water for one tablespoon of soda. Wipe the inner shelves, drawers, seals with a rag moistened with the finished composition. If you need to eliminate the rotten smell, then use 4 tablespoons of soda combined with water until a slurry is formed. On the surface of the shelves and walls of the refrigerator, the ready mixture can be applied with a sponge. After half an hour, the composition is removed with a damp cloth.
  • - Lemon juice. The product perfectly copes with the persistent smell of meat, fish, or medicines. You can put a few drops of lemon juice on a sponge and wipe the inside of the refrigerator with it. An alternative option is to mix a few drops of lemon juice with a glass of warm water, soak a rag in the liquid and wipe the shelves, drawers, pallet with it.
After the procedure, you need to ventilate the refrigerator.

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