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For NFT Holders Only: a Florida NFT Restaurant Concept

12 Oct 2022   author: Boruya

NFTs actually work almost exclusively online. Few people really understand what it is. It is all the more interesting when a business project seeks to integrate NFTs into real life. Access to the Vinyl Fish Club restaurant in Florida, US is only possible with NFT. Yet, the access is limited. Currently, there are only 50 exclusive tokens avilable to the general public.

NFT Restaurant
NFT Restaurant

The Vinyl Fish Club presents a first-class restaurant and offers guests an exclusive dinner. In addition to entering the restaurant, other pleasing benefits are awaiting the token holders. Those who are willing to pay an equivalent of around 1,800 USD per token will have access to events, exclusive menus, Japanese 'sake' tastings, or masterclasses with celebrity chefs. Also included are concierge services, private room and food delivery. Music events should also be exclusive and customized to private needs.

The guest leaves it to the chef to decide what to serve. The menus mostly include seasonal dishes.

Preference given to NFT holders

However, it is known that the restaurant was not initially designed exclusively for NFT supporters. It should also be possible for the general public to visit the establishment. However, NFT holders have advantages when it comes to seating and booking.

The idea of ​​an exclusive NFT restaurant shows how industries outside the crypto space are trying to adapt to blockchain technology. It is expected that the Vinyl Fish Club will pioneer a new generation of NFT restaurants throughout the world.

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